Several walks that I have taken start and finish near the Car Park for Walsworth Common, a short walk from Hitchin station. Other walks require a short drive but all have pretty good parking, no parking on the side of the road. Click on the link Top Right of the map to see the various walks in the Hitchin Area

The term area is really within less than about 40 minutes drive (Ivinghoe being the furthest ). Click on the map below to access the routes

I have used various apps to record my route but i do favour the OS Mapping app this is available for both Android and Apple

Use my routes as a guide. I have not provided these maps as definitive guides to walking in the area but as guides to where you can walk and what you can find in the area. My walks can all be found on the OS Mapping App after a short search.

If you do want to follow my walks you can download them all as a zip file here I will update them as I take more walks.

I have provided some images of my walks and with a very short description of the walk, as there are many, many other very comprehensive guides to walking in the area that you can download or purchase.

Link to the Download of GPX tracks (these routes can be imported into most walking apps so that you can follow the route, when using these apps you get an alert on your phone when you go off track ).

I use the OS Mapping App which gives me a vibration from my watch when i go off track never get lost again!

Walks in and Around Hitchin

Click on the View Details link to load the various walking route maps or click on the routes with the map for more information and a link.

Hitchin and Surrounds

Walking in and around Hitchin Several maps with pictures for walks in and around Hitchin

Click on the links above the maps to open the page for the map and brief details about the walks

There are several walks in this collection and if you have reached this collection you can look through the maps in the collection or use the menu to reach another set

More Details

Some images from the various walks that i have taken in and around Hitchin can be found in the collection of the walks that i have taken around the town

One of the longer walks is the Hitchin Hoop This is a longer walk that can be divided in to 4 shorter walks.

A collection of the walks that i have done in the area can be found in the link to the pages below.

Walks in and near Hitchin Download Link for GPX files of the walks