Walking the West Highland Way

Over the last few years i have walked several long distance paths in the UK. During this time I have rekindled my love of walking. The walk does not need to be a long distance walk as long as the weather is OK. What is the saying ‘there is no bad weather only bad clothing choices’. It don’t really matter where you are walking in the UK make sure that you check the weather and bring your wet weather gear in your pack, if needed.

Long Distance Walks

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We have also walked part of the Pedder Way between Hunstanton and Cromer still need to walk the inland section.

As well as doing longer walks I also enjoy Shorter Walks. This maybe walking the lanes and access land in the Chilterns and surrounds, in my local area. These are varied walks from a couple of hours to six or seven hour long walks. From 4 mile or so up to 14 or 15 miles. When out in the Camper we also enjoy walking spending a morning an afternoon or a whole day walking from the van and back or travelling on local transport and walking back. A little hint if your doing a linear walk get the bus train or taxi to the start of your walk then walk back to your Van or Car.

I will have walks of different types across varied landscapes from coastal walks along the beach, through lanes over open country side be that moor or mountain.

Shorter Walks

The main apps that I use when walking are Komoot and the OS App, I have tried Strava but did not really rate it compared to the two above. Both are pretty good with Komoot having more options allowing you to add images, but the OS app has the better mapping allowing the use of OS maps


I also have the OS locate installed for the compass app. Do not depend on apps for your navigation especially in an unknown area, although great make sure that you download the maps to your device, before your wander and take a couple of battery’s to recharge on the walk especially if you are using your phone for more than mapping. Always makes sure that you have something on paper!

Walking in North Hertfordshire and in and around Hitchin.

Hitchin Walks

The Icknield Way between Letchworth and Sharpenhoe Clappers

Icknield Way