I started going to gigs in the Early ’70’s

The first few gigs i attended were in Edinburgh and Glasgow

Roxy Music The Odeon Edinburgh April 73

I remember when if you wanted a ticket for a gig you used to have to Que up at the box office or ticket outlet usually in record stores where you could buy a ticket

Roxy Music

I vividly recall my first live music experience being Roxy Music during their ‘For Your Pleasure’ tour. Back then, queuing for tickets was the norm and I remember queuing up in British Home Stores in Edinburgh. During the queue, I held up a lighter to the fire sensors above the escalator, triggering the sprinklers and causing us all to evacuate the store.

During this tour it was the classic Roxy line up Bryan Ferry Phil Manzanera Andy Mackay Paul Thompson Brian Eno

I think I also saw them later in the year but I do remember that one of the gigs in Edinburgh in the early 70’s was cancelled and I had to go back to Edinburgh for a refund but I cant remember if it was the next tour or the on after.

Eventually, we got our tickets and the gig itself was nothing short of amazing. I’ve seen Roxy a couple of times since, most recently in ’22 and previously about a decade ago, both times at the O2. Roxy Music has always held a special place in my heart and seeing them live before they became a massive success was priceless. Bryan Ferry was like a crooner for my generation and Andy Mackay’s saxophone skills were incredible. I was fortunate enough to see them tour with Eno. All in all, it was an incredible introduction to live music.

Yes: Tales of Topographic Ocean tour Dec 73 This was a great tour with giant shells on stage. I was up in the Gods for this concert but it was a great view able to see the whole stage

Yes (band)

During the Tales of Topographic Oceans tour, I saw Yes for the first time in Edinburgh. The drummer played inside a giant shell that opened up on stage. From my seat in the gods, I had a great view of the performance. Starship Trooper was particularly memorable, with Jon Anderson in full voice. I miss the guitar and drum solos of ’70s bands. I believe this tour had the greatest Yes lineup. After the gig, we slept on the floor of our teacher’s flat in Edinburgh. It’s interesting to note that nowadays, it would be scandalous if a teacher bought tickets for school kids and let them sleep in his flat. The Daily Mail would ferment the outrage and ire of its readers.
I did not see Yes again but I did see Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, Rick Wakeman when they toured in 2016

Hawkwinf Space Ritual

Hawkwind: Space Ritual tour Dec 73 Edinburgh Empire

Hawkwind Nik Turner

Over the years I have seen Hawkwind a few times  Hawkwind Hitchin twice Town Hall and Regal 2001 and ’82Hawkwind 25th Anniversary Brixton AcademyHawkwind 50th Anniversary Albert HallAlso lots of other times across the years with various lineup but with Dave Brook  always at the helm.But Nik Turner has also contibuted to the Hawkwind Mythos and I have seen him several time including  at Club 85 and Upstairs at Ronnie Scotts.

In the early ’70s, I first saw Hawkwind in Edinburgh. To get there, I traveled from Burntisland across the Forth to Edinburgh, but I was lucky enough to catch the last train to Fife at Haymarket and didn’t need to spend the night at the station.
The band was epic, with at least a dozen people on stage and vocals shared among the members, led by Bob Calvert. The lineup included Dave Brock, Nik Turner, Lemmy, Dik Mik, Del Dettmar, and Simon King. I particularly enjoyed the interaction between the band members and the dancers on stage.
The venue was thick with smoke, and even non-smokers were getting high from the music and passive inhalation. This experience sparked my passion for Hawkwind, and I’ve seen them many times since with a variety of members with the constant presence of Dave Brock.

Next The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

SAHB 74 Usher Hall Edinburgh

This was the only time that i saw the legend that was Alex Harvey.

Sadly once was never going to be enough, but for me it has had to be.

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

I caught The Sensational Alex Harvey Band in the early ’70s, I took a train to Edinburgh from Fife crossing the Forth across the iconic bridge, leaving the Costa De La Fife behind. I had to spend the night sleeping at Waverley after the gig. But, let me tell you, it was totally worth it. Alex Harvey himself was a force to be reckoned with, commanding the stage and engaging the crowd with his Vambo mythos. Clem added some serious flair to the show with his stage presence, but let’s not forget about the rest of the band who were just as tight. I was thoroughly impressed and left feeling like a night at Waverley was more than worth the experience. And with a beer jacket on and my mates by my side, it was definitely a night to remember.

Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

Genesis: Lamb Lies Down on Broadway tour May 75

This was the first and last time that I saw Genesis this was a real memorable event. Recently I went to Cambridge Corn Exchange to see The Musical Box perform Genesis Lamb Lies Down.  To be honest they do an excellent facsimile of the concert admittedly on a lot smaller scale than the original, but everything seemed bigger back in the 70’s

Genesis (band)

Thin Lizzy Tour poster 1975

I have seen Thin Lizzy Twice but almost 3 times this group was one of main reasons that I went to Reading in ’79 but sadly they did not appear at the festival. I first seen them at the Apollo in Glasgow in ’75 then later in ’83 at the Regal Cinema Hitchin before it was knocked down.

Thin Lizzy

Merchant Navy

During the 70’s and early 80’s I joined the Merchant Navy and used to sail the seas with my suitcase stereo and about 20 of my favourite albums many of which I still have. Then I started buying cassettes, so I could carry more music on my travels.

Sanyo Suitcase Stereo
Sanyo Suitcase Stereo


While at Nautical College during the late 70’s I used to visit the Uni Bar as we were staying on the Uni site, and there were a few gigs at the Uni amongst the most memorable were John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett, The Damned (they didnt take to kindly being spat at mmm). Van De Graff Generator memorable for the difference to the usual acts at the time but still great. Eddie and the Hot Rods they were Hungry

John Otway The Damned (band) Van der Graaf Generator

Split Enz All I remember about them was the hair, the big hair and of course The Adverts who were much better live than on disc.

Split Enz The Adverts

The Police at Beverley in the Early ’80s was a magic concert it was just before The Police started to become massive. When they played Beverley they were raw and edgy with loads of attitude.

The Police (band)

While in the Merchant Navy I was Dry Docked Amsterdam and while there we managed to see Kate Bush on tour one night then a few nights later Ted Nugent. It was Kates one and only tour so I count myself lucky seeing her.

Ted Nugent Kate Bush

A few of the bands I saw at Reading 79
Motorhead, The Cure, The Police, Peter Gabriel, The Ramones and Cheap Trick.
This was the year that I met the love of my life. I had a month or so after finish one trip before I started Nautical College in Hull. So I bought a push bike and cycled around Scotland then down to Reading for the festival.

Motorhead The Cure Peter Gabriel The Ramones Cheap Trick

Van Morrison
Talking Heads
The Undertones

This was the first time that I saw Van Morrison, at the Ingleston site in 1979, and over the years I have seen him many times, but after seeing him at Wrest Park I would be in two minds to ever see him again. Yes we all know that he is moody and cantacerous, but usually we forgive when he starts singing. Wrest park was poorly organised, but when he started putting a jazz interpretation on some of his classics that was more than enough for me.

Knebworth ’80
Beach Boys
Santana (band)
Mike Oldfield
Elkie Brooks

This was the first time at Knebworth and up until now the last time. We couldn’t stay until the end due to work commitments.

The day of the Royal Wedding there was an alternative concert at the Bowl

At that we saw Ian Dury and Spirit a much better alternative to the Royal Wedding.

Ian Dury Spirit (band)

REM and Blur at Milton Keynes Bowl 1995. This was a gig where everyone had a great view the bowl is an excellent venue, but unfortunately it’s underused and not really found its way to the gig circuit for over a quarter of a century. I also took a trip to Twickenham to see REM in 2008.

R.E.M Blur (band)

T in the Park 1995

Paul Weller (never seen him with the Jam but seen him a few times since. At Audley End in 2014 it was probably the best I have seen him perform.
The Prodigy They were magic Live as were Black Grape
Dodgy, Supergrass and The Bluetones real feel good music.

Paul Weller The Prodigy Dodgy Black Grape
Supergrass The Bluetones

Oasis at Loch Lomond

This was the first and last time I saw Oasis
But not the last time I saw The Manic Street Preachers, they have been a favourite of mine for years and usually when they are touring I make the effort to see them as they never disappoint.

Oasis (band)

Manic Street Preachers

Oasis at Loch Lomond ’96
Tribal Gathering

Tribal Gathering was hosted at Luton Hoo. So it would be rude not to go
Kraftwerk were headliners with support from Faithless, Daft Punk, The Chemical Brothers, Orbital and Cornershop
This was the first time that I seen Alabama 3 and since have seen them several times one of my favourite bands and alway try and catch them on tour

It was at this festival that I first saw Afro Celtic Sound System what a great good time band.

Kraftwork Faithless The Chemical Brothers Orbital (band) Cornershop Alabama 3

The V 1999 festival only been there once and that was mainly to see the Manics again, but on that day out I seen the Levellers and been a fan ever since.

Also managed to catch a bit of the legend that is James Brown

The Manic Street Preachers The Levellers (band) James Brown

Reading 2001

  • Eminem
  • The Queens of the Stone Age
  • Marilyn Manson
  • Mercury Rev
  • The Cult

I took my girls to this festival as they were Eminem and So Solid Crew fans, and we had’nt been to a festival for a while.

We also went to Milton Keynes Bowl in 2003 to see Eminem and also saw Cypress Hill and 50 Cent

Not a big Rap fan but you gotta put taste aside for your daughters.

Cypress Hill 50 Cent