Hadrian’s Wall Path

Walking the Trail 2018

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This is a long distance path that we walked over 8 days, during late spring 2018. We took the walk over short stages as we wanted to visit the many Roman Sites along the route.

When you start at Wallsend make sure that you leave enough time to visit the museum at the start of the walk. You can also pick up your Wall passports at the museum and get it stamped along the route.

Don’t think that the walk through Newcastle along the river is not worth it this is probably one on the best parts just for the atmosphere of walking along the banks of a river near to a city centre try and time your walk so that you see the Newcastle’s millennium bridge opening and closing.









Photos from our walk during late May early June 2018

The first day we walked from this part of the walk is a gentle introduction to the walk, with a walk along the banks of the River Tyne. Some walker miss this part don’t you will be missing a treat as a riverside walk along the Tyne is not to be missed.

1 - Hadrian's Wall Path - Day one

The second day we walked to the Robin Hood Inn, during this part of the walk you start to strike out into the countryside and start seeing signs of the wall with many banks and ditches and some sections of the wall.

2 - Hadrian's Wall Path - Day Two

The third day from the Robin Hood Inn we walked to Wall with a visit to Chesters Roman Fort. This is the first major fort and small museum along the wall. This section you really start to see the wall and the chance to tough and walk along.

3 - Hadrian's Wall Path - Day Three

The Forth day from Chesters to The Sill and into Once Brewed. The highlights of the walk today besides walking along the top of the wall is the fort at Housesteads and the views over the crags. You need at least two hours to walk around Housesteads so make sure that you plan your timings.

4 - Hadrian's Wall Path - Day Four

The fifth day starts from Vindolanda then up past The Sill visitors center then back up to rejoin the walk along the wall on the crags to continue the walk. Do not miss Vindolanda as this is one of the largest forts near the wall an takes several hours to have walk around. The Sill visitors center is worth the visit to orientate and discover the area. We ended at Gilsland at the end of the fifth day.

5 - Hadrian's Wall Path - Day Five

The sixth day from Gilsland to Irthington when walking this stretch the highlights for us were visits to Birdoswold Roman Fort right on the path and Lanercost priory just a short walk down from the Trail , make sure again that you leave enough time to see both these sites.

6 - Hadrian's Wall Path - Day Six

The seventh day from Irthington to Carlisle. The walk along the Wall is nearing its end with Carlisle as the destination. During this part of the walk you are leaving the higher ground behind and walking along or near the River Eden. The landscape is very different from the higher ground of previous days. A highlight of this part of the walk is a visit to the museum in Carlisle and the castle nearby.

7 - Hadrian's Wall Path - Day Seven

The Last day of the walk, from the East Coast to the West following the route of Hardian’s Wall. This part of the wall does not have much of the stone wall, as much of the wall in this part was ditches and banks, The walk in this part is over open landscape and next to Solway Firth. Again an area very different from landscapes walked previously, with views of Scotland across the firth. Make sure that at the end you get your picture.

8 - Hadrian's Wall Path - Day Eight