Some of my new favourite bands discovered since 2020

  • Peat and Diesel 
  • Ferocious Dog

What I am listening to


Peat & Diesel

I have seen Peat & Diesel several times they are great on disc but live they are fantastic. Your not sure what your gonna get prior to the performance Boydie can be a little mercurial but he has never let us down.

Usually the band are sitting during the performance, but don’t think that will dampen the evening you’ll soon be jumping about when the music takes hold. Every performance seems like a greatest hits with great one tune after another.

The audience usually starts singing along at the start of the first song. You are usually only taking a breath from dancing to sing along. Peat & Diesel are a band to be caught live. Once caught your under their spell and there is no return from the mystical tunes from Lewis.

They are a Hebridean folk trio with a punk attitude reminiscence of The Pogues. Peat & Diesel have a lot more humour and a bag of tunes that incorporate life on the Hebrides and a working class Scottish Gaelic edge. The tunes draw from their island musical heritage but brings the music into the present.

Link to the band site

Peat and Diesel


I only discovered HENGE recently, but since they were appearing at Club 85 I decided to check them out and there is no disappointment either in their music or their mythology. It seems that they have come from a far corner of the galaxy and are here to give us the gift of their music. HENGE link the link tells you much that you need to know about the band.

Henge (band)

Ferocious Dog


Ferocious Dog are a folk band with a punk attitude a with a bucket full of tunes that get any audience involved usually raucous dancing and singing. Never seen them so far but they are playing a Beautiful Day in July at Leeds and also the wonderful Club 85 in Hitchin.


Ferocious Dog