The summers was a time for day festivals and living near London there was and still is a lot of oppertunity to enjoy a day out.

Fisbury Park Gigs These were great day festivals especially when The Fleadh was hosted there. There were great Acts, a fantastic atmosphere it was a chance to revisit old favourite and discover new favourites.

I first discovered Finsbury Park and The Fleadh and decided to go and see Neil Young and since Gary Moore and the Waterboys were playing the price of a ticket and a train to Finsbury park was a no brainer.

2001 Favourite bands seen at the Fleadh
Neil Young was excellent as ever what a voice that man has and he always seems to put 100% into every performance
Waterboys are always a go to band for a festival as they just brighten up the cloudiest skys
This was the last time that I saw Gary Moore perform and feel lucky that at least I saw him perform once.

After attending the 2001 festival it was obvious that 2002 was already on the Cards especially as the Legends that were The Pogues were headlining The Pogues were a blast of fresh air in the 90’s blowing way the cobwebs and the commerialisation of Brit pop.
Joe Strummer who after The Clash seemed to just go from stength to strength perhaps not the commercial success a he had with the Clash, I still loved his out put and out go to summer sound track on out holidays was and still is The Walker soundtrack.
Alabama 3 are one of the bands that i love live you never know who is going to be on stage but you always know that you are gonna get a memorable performance.

2011 Fies Festival
This was the year I finally managed to see Bob Dylan although his voice was not as it once was man it was Bob Dylan on stage the voice of a generation and the writer and singer of some of the iconic saongs and music of the 2nd half of the 20th Century.
I have seen Christy Moore a couple of times both time in London once here and then again at the South Bank. I was introduced to Christy Moore when I was in the MErchant Navy through Planxty This is real Irish music and best heard live.
The Waterboys were also back after 10 year and again put on a memorable performace
Shane MacGowan was also playing and although not as dynamic as he once was as he sat down most of the performance the man still is the voice and attitude of the Pogues.

In 2013 Finsbury Park hosted the Stone Roses with support from Johnny Marr
and PiL

The Stone Roses blew me away that day I never seen them back in the 90’s but they were great in Finsbury Park taking the Crowd with them through each song.

I also managed to catch Johnny Marr here and another legend ticked off the list again I never managed to catch The Smiths back in 80’s but seeing Johnny Marr at Finsbury Park was a real treat.

PiL was one of my favourite post punk bands creating several of my favourite albums especially Flower of Romance. I have seen PiL a few time usually at smaller venues but seeing them at Finsbury Park just shows that PiL shoud have been festival headliner I have seen PiL at the O2 Forum and The Electric Ball Room in North London.

In 2018 Finsbury Park hosted
Queens of the Stone age and Iggy Pop

I had always wanted to see Iggy Pop since the ’70s but never got the chance there was always something else. But, In ’18 I finally got the oppertunity to see Iggy Pop perform and he did not dissappoint, I though that he may have blown The Queens of the Stone Age off the stage but I was not dissapointed with the Queens they were on form and gave a performance that was on par with Iggy Pop.