Got the T-Shirt well several

Another hobby of mine is revisiting my youth by attending music concerts and festivals.

I have been going to festivals gigs and concerts since the early ’70s

Early Gigs

Finsbury Park Festivals

As I live in North Herts I have used the venues in this area a fair bit sadly some have closed but there is alway a need so a venue for live music

Venues in and around Hitchin

As well as attending gigs I also still collect vinyl and CD’s as well as streaming music using Deezer.

My music Collection

We go to Folk by the Oak every year now probably the best small festival in the U.K.

For the Last couple of Years we have gone to Beautiful Days (The Levellers festival). This is a great festival reminiscent of the festivals of yesteryear.

Currently my go to bands are The Levellers Manic Street Preachers and Suede. If these bands are playing nearby then hopefully I will be there.

Suede at Ali Pally

Early Manics performing one of my favourite songs

The Leveller full concert 2016