Regal Cinema

Such a shame that the Regal Cinema Closed that was a fantastic venue with several great bands playing there I especially remember Thin Lizzy, Hawkwind and Flock of Seagulls during the early ’80s The venue was also used by the BBC to record a series of concerts that were later shown on Telly cant remember the name of the show but I can remember going there and seeing the cameras a couple of times. Now it is a doctors surgery.

Club 85

Probably the best local Venue is Club 85 Hitchin. Without doubt this is my favourite venue. Each time John Otway graces the the stage at Club 85 I alway try and make time for a bit of his lunacy. Since opening I have seen loads bands here and hope to see loads more.

The Hawklords make an almost annual visit to Club 85 and they always put on a great show. The local band Astronauts have appeared here several times and again provide great entertainment. One Christmas they has Mark Chadwick from the Levellers playing, now that was a real christmas present. The Gunslingers and Psychedelic Warlords are two other Hawkwind spinoffs that I have seen there.

There is always a great atmosphere at Club 85 a worthy replacement for the Regal, admittedly it dont attract the bands that the Regal did but all in all a great venue. Other bands that I have seen at Club 85 include.

  • CC Smugglers
  • Groundhogs
  • Wedding Present

Rhythms Of The World

Hitchin used to have a great local festival that grew out of the Triangle Festival, known as ROTW. I used to prefer it when Rhythms of the World was based in the Market Square and Corn Exchange, but that was going back few years I did love The Crazy World of Arthur Brown in the 2014 ROTW.

Arthur Brown at ROTW back in 2014

Other Local Venues

Pilston Hall Letchworth was a great little venue with some great bands playing during the time it was open i saw Budgie twice once in 2002 then later I think 2011 or 12, Nazareth performed in 2010 and The Zombies in 2011. The Zombies gig was not well advertised and there was only a handful of people there it was like a private performance.

The Stables Milton Keynes

Another local venue is The Stables

I have seen various bands at this venue, including Focus in 2012, Caravan and Steve Harley in 2014, I have also seen Keston Cobblers Club several times here. I have also seen Martin Turners Wishbone Ash, The Zombies have appeared here and I have seen them a couple of times. One band I loved in my youth was Man a welsh rock band unfortunatly I never saw them in the 70’s but I did eventually see them at the Stables an other great gig at this venue. Another ’70s band i saw at this venue was Camel I have seen them gig a couple of times here. This is a small venue with every seat having a great view of the Stage.

Harpenden Town Hall was a great venue and I have seen a few bands there one of the most memorable was Ian Hunter and the Rant Band in 2017. I also saw The Strawbs in 2018, Pretty Things in 2018 Blockheads 2016 and Wishbone Ash in 2014.

Hat Factory Luton This is a venue that has potential, that sadly has never been approached, but I was lucky enough to see Eddie and the Hot Rods again, that only had Eddie back from the day. Dr Feelgood also appeared her but unfortunately none of the original members were still in the band. They did put on a pretty good show though.

The Horn St Albans The Pretty Things, amazingly the appeared at this small venue in St. Albans The Horn This was an amazing intimate gig from a band still at their peak.

St Albans Arena

Boomtown Rats with Bob Geldof I think 2011. 2011 and 2019 The Zombies The Zombies always give it their all when playing in St Albans, probably the best place to see them play.

I have also seen Camel 2015 June and Hawkwind 2016 June and around the same time Neil Innes in The Idiot Bastards band performing the Bonzo’s back catalogue.

Not as many gigs here as in the past hopefully it will pick up again

Cambridge Corn Exchange

Cambridge Corn Exchange is my go to venue and over the years I have seen many bands at this venue including Suede, Manic Street Preachers, The Levellers, King Creosote, The Stranglers, Simple Minds, The Pretenders, Ryan Adams and many others. Recently I seen the Genesis covers band The Musical Box, performing The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. This was a some gig with the band copying the original Show and using the Slides from the Original performance by Genesis. It was as if the clock had turned back 50 Years, Athough it was not on the same scale as when i originally saw Genesis on tour in the ’70s, as the stage was a lot smaller it was still great.

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