During the start of 2023 I took up cycling again after a gap of over 40 years

Last time I really cycled anywhere was when I was doing field work while at college.

Ian McIntosh on a Push Bike

I decided to get a bike and below are a few of the routes I have taken around the Hitchin area. I prefer to keep off road as much as I can taking tracks and bridleways and sometimes footpaths.

The first route I took was part of the Letchworth Greenway

Then i took a route out and about taking in some of the nearby villages

The next route took me out to Arlesey. This route was on the road for much of the way as I had no found a suitible off road route that was not too muddy.

The next route I took followed the Hitchin Hoop for much of the way but I did take a couple of diversions.

As I did not want to go on the really muddy sections (especially after one ride i took and got plastered in mud and water).

This route took me from Walsworth in Hitchin out to the Pegsdon Hills, an area that I have walked several times.

I again tried to keep pretty much to tracks and this time took the Icknield way for much of the trip.

The trip below is a route around Hitchin and Letchworth using the Hitchin Hoop and the Letchworth Greenway.

The next route I took takes part of the Hitchin Hoop, the Letchworth Greenway and Etonbury Wheel

A short cycling route taking in a couple of villages near to Hitchin