In the North West Highland between Oban and Ullapool is the village of Poolewe.

This is a small village on Loch Ewe at the mouth of the river Ewe.

The country side around here is epic with many opportunities for walks

Near to the village is Inverewe Gardens which if in the area a must visit location

A little further up the glen is Loch Maree with Beinne Eighe on the southern side, this is a great walk that allows most people to have the opportunity to experience walking in the Hills and mountains of Scotland this is a well mark track that takes you above Loch Maree.

While in Poolewe we took a walk between Loch Maree and Fionn Loch when you start the walk you walk along the north side of Loch Kernsary then other to the small lakes below Beinn Airigh Charr.

You will find it very tempting to keep on walking once you get to the end of the 1/2 way point of the walk but if you keep on walking then you are really walking into the wilderness and wont come to a road or town for about a day or so

Around Loch Kernsary then out towards Fionn Loch

Out from Inverewe to touch the wilderness and back

Corrieshalloch Gorge (a short walk with a view )

Although not that near Poolewe this is a location that we visited while at Poolewe but most people will visit this location while in Ullapool, but beware as parking at the start of the walk is limited especially with many of the spaces being taken up with Vans

Corrieshalloch Gorge

A Walk around Corrieshalloch gorge to the view point (near Ullapool)

The coast between Poolewe and Corrieshalloch

This is a great drive along the coast and sea lochs the beaches here are fantastic sandy beaches with great views. So make sure that you stop and take part in the scenery as well as taking a passive view.

A few images along the way

Beinn Eighe

A walk up from Loch Maree to the view point then back down to Loch Maree (A circular Walk) leaflets can be found at the nearby Information Centre . The Walk is very well sign posted. This is a short walk but can be demanding, When walking this route Children are usually taking the walk as well with their parents but be warned some parts of the hike are demanding.

Beinn Eighe trail to view point (a circular walk)

Although in a few places a bit of a scramble it is well worth the effort to climb up to the view point that gives excellent views across Loch Maree and to the nearby peaks.

Inverewe Gardens

While in Poolewe make sure that you visit Inverewe Gardens this is a jewel of the area. Don’t just plan for a short visit there is enough here for several hours if not a whole day at least 1/2 a day