Another hobby of mine is revisiting my youth by attending music concerts and festivals

We go to Folk by the Oak every year now probably the best small festival in the U.K.

The organisers seem to strike an excellent Balance between old and new, with a mixture of established acts and newer or little known acts

Every year hosting at least one legend

Again I am fortunate as living outside North London there are numerous venues in the area

Club 85 in Hitchin hits well above it’s weight having some excellent bands

Over the last few years I have seen several varied acts including

Hawkwind, Hawklords, Gong, Groundhogs, John Otway, CC Smugglers and Mark Chadwick

Other local venues

Cambridge Corn exchange

This is a great medium sized Venue in the centre of Cambridge best groups seen there must be Manic Street Preachers and Pretenders although going to the corn Exchange never disappoints

The Junction Cambridge

This is another great venue a little smaller than the corn exchange but still golden best two groups I have seen there are Jesus and the Mary Chain and Alabama 3

The Stables (Milton Keynes)

If you like your music in an intimate comfortable setting as if it’s a private concert then this is golden

Best two groups that I have seen there are the Zombies and Man oldies but still able to wow an audience

The Arena St. Albans

The Hat factory Luton

This is a weird little venue that should be the host to fantastic gigs but don’t We seen Dr Feelgood there not the classic Feelgood but it was a great night also they hosted Eddie and the Hot Rods and this was a fantastic gig but a fantastic venue with real potential that is sadly not realised

Assembly Halls Islington

Alexandra Palace

O2 Arena

Wembley Arena and Stadium

Hyde Park

Maybe I am just getting old but the concerts at Hyde Park just ain’t as much of an event as previously perhaps I have been spoilt after seeing The Who, Roger Waters, The Cure, Rod Stewart, Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder and of course The Rolling Stones

Finsbury Park

What ever happened to the festivals at Finsbury Park such a shame that there has not been any great bands there since The Stone Roses and of course Queens of the Stone Age.