St Faiths Church to Arlesey Station

(Part of Hicca Way)

This is a walk that covers part of the Hicca Way.

Hicca Way (from St Faith Church to Arlesey Station)

I have chosen St Faiths Church as it is near to a car park and close to Hitchin station (although you could start from the Station ).

This is a walk that follows the course of River Hiz for much of the way. Its called the Hicca Way as it refers to King Offa of Mercia who founded a religious settlement in Hitchin. The path follows the route the Hicca tribe would have more or less followed from Hitchin to the Danish Fort near the south east corner of Henlow.  (taken from the lets go website)

A little more information can be found in Wikipedia from the cards below.

When you start this walk and if you begin at the church, walk up Cambridge Road towards the Millstream Pub, cross the bridge, then take the path alongside the pub on the other side of the river Hiz.

Follow the River Hiz until you pass the Bowls club at the end of Walsworth Common. Take the path that crosses the River Hiz and then cross the Woolgrove Road go under the railway bridge then at the top of the path cross over to Cadwell Lane. Continue down this road until you reach another railway bridge go under this bridge and turn right through the gate.

You now leaving Hitchin behind and heading towards Ickleford then Arlesey.

You cross an even older pathway The Icknield Way (probably the oldest route in the UK).

When you reach the end of this walk you can then spend a short or longer time at the the nearby pub while you wait for the train back to Hitchin Station, just wait on the platform.