Hadrian’s Wall Path

We took eight days to do this walk during the late spring of 2018 as we wanted not only to take in the countryside but also visit the many roman sites along the way.

When you start at Wallsend make sure that you leave enough time to visit the museum at the start of the walk. You can also pick up your Wall passports at the museum and get it stamped along the route.

Don’t think that the walk through Newcastle along the river is not worth it this is probably one on the best parts just for the atmosphere of walking along the banks of a river near to a city centre try and time your walk so that you see the Newcastle’s millennium bridge opening and closing.

Day 1:

Now is the day that you start to catch real glimpses and parts of the wall that you can walk along it start with banks and ditches then you have snippets of wall

Day 2:

Do leave enough time to take in Chesters Roman Fort, you really start to feel now you are in the frontier land

Day 3:

This next part of the walk takes in Housesteads so make sure that you allow enough time to view this site

Day 4:

This day is a fantastic opportunity to visit Vindolanda make sure that if you are only going to have a long visit at one of the sites you leave enough time to visit this site you will need at least 3 hours at this location. When walking back up to the path you should also take time to visit Northumberland Park Center near Once Brewed

Day 5:

There are two sites to make sure that you leave time to visit Birdoswald we spent almost three hours here also later in the day make sure that you spend at least an hour at Lannercost we spent a couple of hours here

Day 6:

Once todays walk is over make sure that you take in the sites of Carlisle especially the Castle and nearby museum

Day 7:

Todays walk is towards the coast and your hike is almost over

Day 8

Then its time to take the train back to Newcastle to retrace your route

Once you start the wall every day brings something new but I must stress leave time to visit all the roman sites along the way and if you are up to it make sure that you take the short detour down the valley to visit Lanercost Priory well worth the short detour.

This is a great walk and if you are only able to spend a weekend walking the wall then I would recommend that you walk the section between Chollerford and Gilsland you could even do this in a day and spend the next day visiting the sites that you rushed through or take it slow and make sure that you enjoy your visits at Chesters Roman Fort and Museum, Housesteads and Vindolanda.

There is also a pretty good bus service along the section so that you could easily make this a one center stay.

The map below shows the route of our walk we have included the detours that we made that includes walks around some of the main sites

We did not include the parts that we visited after we arrived at our daily destinations

HWP - 2018