Wilbury Hill via the Lavender Fields then back to Walsworth Common

This walk starts next to the car park at Walsworth Common, there is ample parking at this park. From the Car Park walk West along the road, under the bridge and straight across the junction at the traffic lights. Follow the road down to the old gasworks before reaching the gasworks, turn left and go under the railway through the tunnel (there is a scrapyard at the end of this short road). Go through the gate to the right and follow the path next to the railway flyover (you may get really lucky and see a train going over the main line from London to Edinburgh, while a local Hitchin to Cambridge train goes over the Flyover.

This walk takes the shorter path over the disused railway and following the main line to Edinburgh until you reach the footbridge over the railway.

You can continue down the path towards Ickleford, besides the disused embankment and Jerry's Hole. (if you chose this route turn right along the Icknield Way and follow the path to the bridge over the railway).

Cross the railway over the footbridge and then follow the path up towards Wilbury Hill. Follow the path to just before you start climbing the hill, towards the left there is a path follow this path until you reach the farm then turn right go through the farm towards the lavender fields and follow the path alongside the lavender fields (end of July is the best time to see and smell the lavender).

Follow the path north until you reach the wooded area then follow the footpath along the edge of the woods to join up with the Icknield Way. Follow the Icknield Way North East across the road to reach Wilbury Hill Iron Age fort.

Walk through the site of the Iron Age fort and join the path passing by the school.

There is evidence of several Barrows in this area but all but one (the Ickleford Barrow) have all been ploughed and are all flatted but if your in the area at the right time of the year with the sun shining just right you may see the marks in the crops.

You need to then walk through the Prefab estate until exiting it over the railway bridge. follow the Hitchin Hoop path through this estate down the path between the play park and garages. follow this path out past the Ickleford Barrow (this is a circular corpse of trees and bushes). You need to follow this path until the turning before the gate on the road. Take the path down the hill towards Hitchin. 

Cross the road enter the estate and follow the roads down to the start of the walk.


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