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Pegsdon to Shillington, Pirton to Deacon Hill then back to Pegsdon

Pegson to Pirton and back via Shillington,

This is a short walk that takes you in and out of Bedfordshire and Hertfordhire. From the Start in Pegsdon go North along the road and then the fields to reach the edge of Shillington, Once in Shillington take the path along the side of Shillington Manor and continue along this wide path until reaching the road at Rectory Farm outside Pirton. Head into Pirton up to the Church and the old Motte and Bailey Castle. From Pirton head along the Icknield Way towards Pegsdon, passing the two barrows near to Knocking Hoe nature reserve.

Pass by the side of Tingley Plantation until you reach the road cross over and head up to the top of Deacon Hill then cross the top of Pegsdon Hills before rejoining the Icknield Way and taking this path down the the edge of Hoo Bit, cross the open grassland next to the disused reservoir, until you reach the edge of the Earthworks above Devils Ditch from here follow the path down to the start of the walk

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