Around the Barton Hills

This walk starts and ends at the Church in Barton-Le-Clay.  Walk South past the church toward the new cemetery, passing the cemetery to the right continue along the path, there are two paths either side of the river I picked to use the right hand path and walk through the wooded area. Before reaching the spring take the side path again to the right and head up the hill through the woods until you reach the top of the valley and then go through the gate and then walk along the path to the left the path straight south takes you to the Icknield way and Warden Hill/Luton.

Walk along the top of the Dry valley then at the end take the path north to follow the valley edge until near the end and start going down there are some steps cut into the path and wooden steps. Do not head towards Barton but go right near the bottom taking the wide path back up the hill. When near the top again take the path to the east and wall across the open farmland using the wide path. take the first path down to the north toward the road parallel the road to the west and then cross the road at the footpath sign. The path across the field is not clear but there is a public footpath here. follow the footpath north then east then to the south to cross the road then follow the path up the hill again. Continue up the hill to reach the path that you took down, Keep walking Easterly until you reach the top of the Barton Springs Valley, now the fun part going down the slope without falling over. Head down to the Springs then either retrace your steps back or go back along the side of the field.  A good spot for foxes if your are there early in the morning.


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