Walk from Lilley to Pegsdon Hills

This is a walk from Lilley (start next to the village pub) Heading out taking the right fork of the path and joining the Icknield Way to the East. Before reaching the top of the Pegsdon Hills take the path down to have a look at the Earthwork above The Meg then continue up the hill to reach the top of where you can look over the Dry Valley and the low lands to the North. From here head back to the Icknield Way then head West to where you left the Icknield Way, before going to the Earthworks this time take the southern path up the hill to reach the Barrow at the top of Telegraph Hill.

From the Barrow head south along the path this path continues rising along the sides of the fields , Shortly after passing Lilley Hoo Wood take the path to the left, the path crosses over two fields where it is not so clear then through an alley into Lilley down from the Church a short distance from the start.

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