Barton to Hexton

This is a walk that zigzags the hills between Barton and Hexton.

You only touch the edge of of Barton at the Church and then see Hexton in the distance when walking the footpaths across the valley.

During this walk you will walk up and down the hills a couple of times, but its character building and allows you to appreciate the landscape.

The highlights of this walks are the views when near the top of the valleys and the Springs at Barton below the hills.

This is a location that i have walked a lot as when I was teaching during the summer for a week we used to walk groups of our students from the outskirts of Luton to the springs and back. (and a good time was had by all also we did not lose too many students.)

This is a very popular area for walkers and you may find on a summers day many families picnicking at the springs.

Links to Walks

Between Barton and Hexton

This although a short walk does take you up and down the Barton Hills several times.

Pegsdon to Above Barton Springs

This first walk takes you from Pegsdon to above Barton Springs then down across the fields back to Pegsdon

From Barton to Warden Hills

This walk takes you to the Springs then up to above the springs then through the fields to rejoin the Icknield Way, crossing the Golf Course to Galley Hill, Warden Hill then back.