Lilley to Warden Hill a circular Walk( views over Luton and several Iron Age sites).


From the pub in Lilley follow the path north and take the left fork in the path to head down the lanes. After a few minutes you will reach the end of the houses and start heading down a country lane. The path slowly rises until you reach open countryside and a wide path.  Follow the path until you reach the Icknield Way and then follow the Icknield Way to the West for a short distance and then head south across the Golf course and then up Galley Hill. Cross Galley Hill then go West down the gap between Warden and Galley Hill, Follow the path then cross the golf Course again next to Dray’s Ditches the Neolothic Earthwork. Before leaving the Golf course take the path alongside the course heading south. At the end of the golf course, head up to the top of Warden Hill. From the top of the Hill head down the southerly path to the path at the edge of the woods before the open fields and then follow this easterly then southerly path Follow this wide path between fields and then take the path after the reservoir,  in a gap in the hedge,across open fields, to the east towards Lilley, you will come out near to Lilley Church then it is a short walk towards the start of the walk.