Barton to Warden Hill then back

This walk takes you from Barton Le Clay's church to Barton Springs, passing the spring at the bottom of the Chalk escarpment. Climb up the hill following the path across the fields and out toward the Icknield Way. 

Join the Icknield Way heading West when reaching an entrance to the golf course take the path across the gold course to reach Galley Hill, head West down the gap between Warden and Galley Hills walking along Dray's Ditches and then follow the edge of the golf course along the base of Warden Hill before taking the path East to reach the top of Warden Hill. Turn Northwards and follow the ridge of Warden Hill. At the bottom of Galley Hill is another Earthwork Dray's Ditches

When reaching the gap between the two hills head east and follow the path until reaching the wide path to Lilley. Head North (not towards Lilley) then cross the Icknield Way. When reaching the road turn right and then take the path next to the farm. The single track path widens after the farm and then shortly takes you to the top of Barton Hills follow the edge of the of the hill to the North, before going down the slope and steps to reach the start of the walk back at the church.