Pegsdon to Knocking Hoe, Tingley Wood Barrow Deacon Hill Telegraph Hill then Down Past the Earthworks


From Pegsdon you walk along Pegsdon Way then out along the minor road past the houses at the end of the hamlet, 1/2 way along the road take a right to head across the field then up the stairs you then follow the path around the field (the summer of 2020 saw this field covered in poppies that have sprung up after the farmer ploughed and left the field fallow. You then pass by the Knocking Hoe nature reserve at the top of the slope before joining the Icknield Way, to the left before joining the Icknield Way go into the nature reserve and then have a walk to the nearby hillock for views across the Chilterns and Bedfordshire. There are also two Barrows nearby, Knocking Knoll long barrow and Tingley Plantation round barrow. 

You can see Knocking Knoll from a distance, but the Icknield Way passes within a few meters of the Tingley barrow.  Head down the Icknield Way towards Pegsdon Hill and leave the Icknield Way to take the track up to Deacon Hill.

Follow the ridge of the Pegsdon Hills then rejoin the Icknield Way but leave it almost right away taking a track to the left to walk around Telegraph Hill to reach the barrow to the west of Telegraph Hill. From the barrow take the path down the hill and choose the single track path towards the Earthwork at Devils Ditch.

Once viewing the Earthworks head down the path towards the end of the Walk.